Chapter 1 : From a Ship to a Cookbook

Chapter 1 : From a Ship to a Cookbook

Chapter 1 : From a Ship to a Cookbook

Section 1 : A Logbook

The story of a Blog starts with a piece of wood, a log.

When large areas of the world were still unknown and the ships were guided by the stars, navigators had an ingenious and simple way to calculate the speed at which the ship was moving. This system consisted of throwing into the water a trunk tied with a rope. The speed of the ship could be calculated on the basis of the time taken to move away from the trunk. This information was later recorded in a book, the logbook, which over time was also used to record any important event that had taken place during the voyage.

Now, we jump a few centuries forward, we are in the late 90's. We are no longer sailer at sea, but at the world wide web.

A weblog sometimes called a Blog or a newspage or a filter is a webpage where a weblogger sometimes called a blogger or pre-surfer logs all the other webpages she find interesting. The format is normally to add the newest entry at the top of the page, so that repeat visitors can catch up by simply reading down the page until they reach a link they saw their last visit.


Section 2 : The Julie / Julia Project

Technological innovation don't lead to social and cultural changes.

Four years have gone since the birth of the word "blog". Julie Powell, graduating with the Bachelor  of Arts degree in theatre and fiction writing, spend her days in an unfulfilling office job at New York. 

On one hand, the blog. "The Julie / Julia Project" still retained the essence of traditional blog. The daily notes called posts maintained a close connection with the life of Julie. However, something had changed.

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