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Tournaments in Sports Types

A tournament is a competition held among various teams in a particular activity according to a fixed schedule where a winner is decided.

There are various methods for organising a tournament which depends upon various factors such as

  • The number of participating teams
  • Facilities of ground, equipment and number of officials available
  • Days in which the tournament is to be completed

Importance of Tournaments

(i) Development of Sports Skills Various skills of sports are developed in tournaments. (ii) Helpful in Selection of Players Good players can be selected easily by observing their performance in the tournament.

(iii) Development of National and International Integration It not only develops the integration of national and international level but also gives sense of unity and brotherhood.

(iv) Development of Social Qualities Social traits such as respect, brotherhood, discipline, sympathy, tolerance etc are developed among participants through tournaments.

Types of Tournament

There are four main types of tournament

(i) Knock-out or Elimination tournament
(i) League or Round Robin tournament
(iii) Combination tournament
(iv) Challenge tournament

1. Knock-out or Elimination Tournaments

A single elimination tournament (also called an Olympic system tournament) or a knock-out tournament is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each bracket is immediately eliminated from the tournament. In such tournaments, if the number of competitors or competing teams are not a multiple of 2 (i.e. 4, 8, 16, ....) then some teams may be given a 'bye' and some teams are given 'seeding'.

Seeding is a procedure by which good teams are placed in fixtures in such a way that stronger teams do not meet each other at the very start of a tournament.

Bye is a privilege given to a team which is decided generally by seeding it or by draw of lots Advantages of Knock-out Tournaments

Minimum number of officials are required

in organising tournaments.

(f) owing to less number of matches so it takes less time to complete the tournaments, (0) It helps in enhancing the standard of sports fixtures Disadvantages of Knock-out Tournaments.

(0) Good teams can get eliminated because of

their poor performance even in first round. (n) There are maximum chances of weak teams by the following methods to enter into the final round.

2. League or Round Robin Tournaments

A league tournament, also called as round robin toumament, is a type of tournament.in which each contestant meets all other contestants in turn. In this type of tournament, there has to be sufficient time to complete the tournament. There are two types of league tournaments

(i) Single league () Double league In a single league round robin schedule, each participant plays with every other participant unce. If each participant plays with others twicely. this is frequently called a round robin double league tournament.

40 Single League Number of matches


2 (N-Number of teams) (#) Double League Number of matches -NN-1) (N-Number of teams)

1.4 Fixture

Any tournament whether it is knock-out.or league, is arranged according to a set procedure which is known as fixture, For knock-out tournament, the procedure to draw fixture is through bye and seeding. For league tournaments, the procedure to draw fixture is through staircase and cyclic method.

Fixture is the process glarranging the seats in systematic order in various groups for competition in a physical activity. In other words, it is the Set-up of various teams for competitive matches where they play in a systematic order as per the nisture schedule/The success of a tournament depends upon planning of suitable fixture Tournaments are played in various forms of

Fixtures in Knock-out Tournament

In a knock-out tournament, the fixtures are drawn

1. Seeding Method

Seeding is a procedure by which good teams are placed in fixtures in such a way that stronger teams do not meet each other at the very stan of a tournament. It is done to overcome the drawbacks of a single knock-out tournament. Seeding can be done only if the standards of the teams are known before the start of the tournament. The draw may result between the strong competitors at early level competition, so they are 'seeded' to prevent this. Thus, the top competitors will not meet until the quarter final, semi final or final round.

Seeding is used to ensure that players or teams of recognised outstanding ability do not confront each other in the early rounds. It represents the tournament committee's subjective rating of the various players, and chances of winning the tournament.

Special Seeding

It is a method of seeding in which the players or teams directly participate in the quarter final or semi-final matches thus avoiding their participation in the initial rounds.

2. Bye Method

Bye means the avoiding of playing a match in the first round of the tournament. It is a privilege given to a team which is decided generally by seeding it or by draw of lots. Some teams may get bye in first round, by which they get promoted to higher round competition.

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