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Jimin BTS gone viral Know the reason why

The article is about a viral video of Jimin, a member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, dancing to some of the band's biggest hits inside the HYBE office.

The video shows Jimin dancing to songs like "Butter," "Dynamite," and "Blood Sweat & Tears" while wearing a casual outfit and a mask. The video was reportedly taken during a break from the band's busy schedule.

The article highlights the video's popularity on social media, with fans praising Jimin's dancing skills and expressing their excitement for the band's upcoming performances.

The article also provides some background on BTS and their global success, noting that they have become one of the biggest musical acts in the world in recent years. It mentions the band's recent performance at the United Nations General Assembly, where they delivered a message of hope and unity to the world.

Overall, the article serves as a brief update on BTS and their continued popularity, while also highlighting a fun and lighthearted moment featuring one of the band's members.

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