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Pogaru Kanada Movie Announcement

The article features an interview with Kannada film actor Dhruva Sarja, where he talks about his upcoming film "Pogaru" and his approach to competition in the film industry.

Dhruva Sarja says that he doesn't want to compete with his colleagues such as Sudeep, Yash, and Rishabh Shetty. Instead, he prefers to focus on competing with himself and improving his own performances with each film.

He discusses his role in "Pogaru," which is a high-octane action film, and shares how he prepared for the physically demanding scenes. He also talks about working with director Nanda Kishore and the film's music composer Chandan Shetty.

Dhruva Sarja mentions that he is happy with the response to the film's trailer and hopes that audiences will enjoy the film when it releases in theaters.

Overall, the article provides insight into Dhruva Sarja's mindset when it comes to competition in the film industry and his dedication to improving his craft. It also offers a glimpse into his upcoming film "Pogaru" and the work that went into making it.

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